our gelato & sorbetto

Our gelato is churned fresh every day using premium ingredients consisting of biodynamic-organic, ethical milk and cream, farm fresh free range eggs, sugar and the addition of whole flavourings. We offer flavours made with carefully selected ingredients, such as hazelnut (obtained exclusively from “Piedmont IGP”), Bronte pistachios and Sicilian Marsala from the Pellegrino Estate. In order to guarantee the freshness, creaminess and flavour of our gelato, we produce minimal quantities and store the gelato and sorbetto in traditional “pozzetti” to ensure that our flavours are always at their best.

Our Gelato Counter


At La Mimosa Gelato, we use the traditional and original Italian way of storing our gelato, which is stored in ‘pozzetti’ – stainless steel cylindrical containers deep inside a refrigerated counter and covered with lids. This allows us to maintain our gelato at the perfect temperature and consistency without cross-contamination of flavours or the outside environment, and without the need of preservatives, hydrogenated fats, stabilisers or emulsifiers which would allow the gelato to “stand up” in a display cabinet for days. 

Our gelato is completely natural and although you may not be able to see our flavours, we always welcome taste samples to help you choose.

Our Gelati


We hand craft our gelati from scratch every day using traditional methods and wholesome, raw ingredients being ethical and bio-dynamic milk, free range eggs, sugar, a dash of pure cream and 100% pure nut pastes. All other flavourings that go into our gelati are freshly made in-house using fresh fruits and whole ingredients. We do not use pre-mixes, hydrogenated fats, artificial flavourings, artificial colours, pre-packaged fruit pastes or emulsifiers. All our flavours are also gluten friendly containing no wheat!

Biodynamic Organic Milk

Animal welfare is important to us as is the quality of the raw ingredients we choose to craft our gelato, which is why we choose to use Mungalli Creek Dairy located in the tablelands, Far North QLD. Not only is their delicious creamy milk biodynamic-organic, but they also implement a kind and sustainable method of farming where their Jersey and Swiss Brown cows are treated in an ethical manner. No calf is separated from their mother and no calf is slaughtered to produce their premium milk and cream which for us, is of the utmost importance. We are happy and proud to support such a caring dairy making our gelato and other delights truly “guilt” free and of premium quality.

Free Range Eggs

We use free range eggs from farms on the New England plateau where the soil type and climate are conducive to the best free range farming systems. These happy hens are free to roam on low stocking density pastures with natural grass and fresh air. Each hen has a minimum of one square metre of pasture as apposed to 10 hens per square metre like many other “free range” farms.

Organic Vanilla Beans

We flavour our gelato with whole Madagascan organic vanilla beans which are infused for at least 24 hours prior to churning. Our vanilla flavoured gelato is full of these wonderful tiny seeds which gives our gelato a light beige colour and an intense and natural, vanilla flavour.

Organic Coffee Beans

We use locally roasted and freshly ground, organic coffee beans from Kivahan for all our coffee flavoured gelati.

Premium Chocolate

We use Belgian and/or Swiss couverture chocolate and 100% pure cocoa for not only our chocolate flavoured gelati, but also for our chocolate sauces and hot chocolate, which we make from scratch on site.

Italian Nut Pastes

Our nut pastes are imported from Italy to ensure the authenticity of flavour which are 100% pure containing no artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives and are also palm oil free.

We use Pistachios from Bronte, Hazelnuts from Piemonte (Tonda Gentile) and Almonds from Sicilia to flavour our traditional gelati. 

We care about where our ingredients come from, therefore we source them from farmers that care about what they produce. We are proud of our ethical choices and in the knowledge that we are giving our customers pure, clean and wholesome ingredients in every delight they savour.

Our Sorbetti


Our sorbetti are full of fresh, seasonal fruit, pure filtered water, a small amount of added sugar and a very small amount of natural vegetable fibres which help to maintain a smooth texture to our sorbetti.  All our sorbetti do not contain any animal products which makes them completely vegan and are also gluten free. They also contian no chlorine or fluroide, no colourings, no artificial flavours, no fruit pastes, no hydrogenated fats and no emulsifiers. We use over 70% fresh fruit pulp for each tub so you can really taste the full flavour of the fruit you are savouring! 

Fresh Fruit

Every second day, we hand select fresh, seasonal fruit from local grower’s markets to ensure that the fruit we use in our sorbetti and fruit sauces are in their prime and perfectly ripened resulting in fully flavoursome sorbetti to delight your senses. 

Pure Water

The water we use is freshly filtered using a reverse osmosis system which we have installed in our laboratorio. Our filtered water does not contain fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals or chemicals. 


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