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Welcome to La Mimosa Gelato where we propose tastes of tradition made exclusively with wholesome and natural ingredients, following ancient recipes and traditional methods. Our artisan gelato is freshly made from scratch every day, so you can enjoy gelato the way it once was, with no preservatives, no numbers, no pre-mixes and no nasties, just pure and wholesome ingredients go into everything we create!

Kind Milk

We only use biodynamic-organic, ethical milk and cream for all our gelato and other delights.

No Wheat

Everything that goes into our gelato is made from scratch on site, so it’s all gluten friendly, containing no wheat.

70%+ Fruit

Our sorbetti contain over 70% fresh seasonal fruit from local growers which we hand select every week!

Free Range

We use farm fresh, free range eggs for our crema based gelati, gelato cakes and other delights.

100% Pure

Our nut pastes are imported from Italy and are 100% pure with no artificial colouring or flavouring!

No Chemicals

We use pure filtered water for our sorbetti and contains no fluride, chlorine or heavy metals.


We freshly churn our gelato in small batches everyday using premium ingredients so you can enjoy the very best of what our authentic gelato has to offer!

Artisan Gelato vs Ice Cream

Literally translated, “gelato” means “frozen” in Italian but is also known as the delicious, frozen dessert invented thousands of years ago by simply flavouring fresh snow with honey, flower essences or fruit juices. Although many think that ‘Gelato’ is simply the Italian word for ‘ice cream’, the fact is, that artisan gelato and ice cream are actually very different. Below are some of their main differences.


Artisan gelato is churned at a slower speed than ice cream which means that less air is incorporated into the mix. This results in a denser and more flavourful frozen delight.


Artisan gelato has a much lower fat content than ice cream which is usually between 5-9% as apposed to ice cream which can be as high as 70%. This is due to the fact that gelato is mainly made with whole milk and ice cream is made with cream.


Artisan gelato has a very smooth and velvety texture due to it's initial ageing process and slower churn, creating a denser and creamier consistency than that of ice cream.


Artisan gelato is served at a warmer tempurature than ice cream which allows the full flavours of the natural ingredients to be tasted.


Artisan Gelato is stored in "pozzetti" which are covered with lids. This system keeps the gelato at the perfect serving temperature and consistency without the need of additives to keep the gelato "standing high" as required in other gelato displays.


Artisan Gelato is always served with a "spatola" (not an ice cream scoop) which is a flat spatula that allows the gelato to be "worked" prior to serving. "Working" the gelato enables it to be manipulated for assembly and revives it's original creamy consistency.


Our artisan gelato does not contain artificial colourings or flavourings therefore, the gelato will always be light in colour and will reflect the natural ingredients which were used to flavour it. The infusion of natural and whole ingredients is what gives our gelato it's natural colour and intense flavour without any addition of artificial colouring, flavouring or processed fruit pastes.


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